Growing older is a blessing, but sometimes feeling like it is not. We all want that forever young body and youthful joints that never ache and help us bound throughout the day. To fit perfectly into our jeans and not feel bloated or mentally foggy, but how do we fight those hands of time that seem to never stop?

After 20 years of being a personal fitness trainer and over 30 years of personal work on my own health and fitness I can tell you, I’m pretty sure I know the secret.

I first discovered fitness as a passion when I was 16 years old. I asked my parents for the Cindy Crawford workout VHS tape and worked out 4 days a week, in addition to 1 hour of cardio 6 days a week. It didn’t take me long to see that this exercise thing works! I saw a change in my body that first of all I wasn’t expecting and secondly I didn’t know I would love so much.What was that thing you ask?

That amazing thing that was happening in my body was hypertrophy, otherwise known as growing muscles.

My waist looked tighter and slimmer. My legs looked toned and strong and best of all and least expected was my skinny arms started growing beautiful biceps and triceps! I was suddenly and overwhelmingly taken with this new found passion for muscle!

How could I get more? I started researching strength training and exercises that would help me get stronger.

After many years of learning on my own I decided to make it official and went to San Diego State to get my certificate to become a Personal Fitness Trainer.

In 2003 I trained my first client at Fitness Quest 10 and haven’t looked back.

Over these last 20 years I have learned the value and magic of strength training. It is truly life changing when someone takes control of their health and fitness.

How can you get in the action?

 I am running my fall program called Little Black Dress Boot Camp October 14th through November 11th!

This four week camp will be a great way to get stronger through strength training and conditioning. We will also be going over nutrition and the importance of reducing stress. This 30 day reset is an opportunity to look and feel better. To slow down those hands of time and feel like your true self.

In this program we will have 3 workouts a week, unlimited use of the gym and a complete nutritional handbook. I will be showing you the best exercises for growing beautiful sexy muscles and trim that belly bulge! We will work together to have fun but also get in amazing shape!

I am now a grandmother and it is such a blessing to be able to run, jump, skip, crawl and play with my grandkids without any limitations.

I even sometimes get mistaken for my grandchildren’s parents! It is amazing what strength training and a focus on good nutrition can do for you! It is never too late to start the journey to a healthier you!

Come join meOctober 14th at 8am for the Little Black Dress Boot Camp kick off. Looking forward to being your coach and helping you look and feel better!