Many times, when I am training clients or coaching bootcamps, we will train parts of our bodies such as joints, balance, core stability and mobility. These things aren’t exactly sexy like glutes and biceps, but they are just as important.

They are considered what I call the glue of the body.

 The “glue” is the structural part that you will most likely never see. All the small intrinsic muscles that support the larger muscles. Without these smaller muscles and structures our bodies would be a mess, we would have no structure or stability. The larger muscles of our bodies would be useless, and we would have trouble with the simplest of movements.

It is vital that we keep these muscles and structures strong and pliable.

So even though our biceps and abs get all the glory in the summertime, it is those little muscles that no one can see that assist in keeping everything looking great and staying strong!

The same can be said with the workouts that I call the “glue workouts”. These are the days when we literally drag ourselves into the gym or to boot camp. When we say we are tired or too busy. We push through and get to the workout anyway.

When you feel like this but push through it and complete the workout, you are reinforcing the GLUE of your body and mind.

These glue workouts are the difference between you and the people you meet who say “oh ya I USED to work out, I need to GET BACK on track.”

Have you ever heard someone say that?

You wonder what happened and why they stopped. Whatever the reason, it is always the “glue workouts”” that matter the most! Those people stopped when it got hard, when it got boring and busy, and did not keep their glue strong.

Not every workout is going to be exciting, fun and thrilling. I workout 6 days a week and I can tell you I do a lot of glue workouts!

BUT sometimes I also turn what could be a glue workout into a POWER PACKED hour of lifting and sweating!

 If you invest in the workout it starts to take shape and you start feeling good, you feel like it was worth it to get up and show up! BUT you have to give it a chance. The workout won’t save you, it’s what you do with the time you have that makes the workout what it turns out to be!

You have to put in what you expect to get out!
It is easy to show up when you feel good, when you are rested and have everything done. When everything in your life is going great and you feel on top of the world!
The people who rise above are the ones that have every weight you can imagine riding on their shoulders and yet they carry on and do what needs to be done. They are like pillars that you can always count on, and you know they will be there, rain or shine.
Make your workout ethic this strong!

Tell yourself, no matter what I will get it done. Whether you have to do it at home, in a hotel room or a full hour at boot camp, be the most consistent person you know.

Take pride in the fact that you never quit, you will never give up. As you look over your own fitness journey you will see the times you had to rely on that “glue” and how it has not just held you together but made you one incredibly strong individual!

The glue of our bodies and our minds is an important component to staying healthy and strong. Without it we cannot sustain the things that will try to break us down. When the structure of our lives is solid, we are untouchable!!

So let’s get that glue strong ladies! It has a lot to hold together.