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Large Group Training

“Sweat” options


TD Functional Fitness: This “Total Development” Functional Fitness class is a fusion of resistance training, cardio, sports drills and an array of new and exciting exercises to keep you constantly challenged. Can you say CALORIE BURN!!! (7 classes to choose from; ladies, you can expect to burn a minimum of 450+ cals per workout; gentlemen, you can expect to burn 600+ cals).

30-Minute Cardio Blast: Are you short on time? This 30-minute cardio blast is a great way to get in the workout you need in a short period of time. You will be SHOCKED to see how much work you can get in 30 minutes.

Pilates Mat: Pilates is a powerful method of exercise designed to increase core strength, ease of movement, balance and alignment in the body.

Pilates Circuit: This class incorporates Pilates training in a high-energy circuit style sure to work your body from feet to fingertips. Experience all the benefits of a great Pilates class with the added bonus of a cardio component!

Recovery Options

Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga: This class is offered at a moderate to rigorous pace designed for various ability levels. Build your practice through a strength-building sequence of poses based on Anusara, Iyengar and Astanga philosophy and principles of alignment. All-levels welcome!

Gentle Hatha Yoga: Our recovery yoga is designed to decompress and release accumulated mental stress and physical stiffness. Poses are gently guided and the use of props is encouraged for comfort and stability.


Large Group Training Schedule

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 AM TD Fitness*
(30 min)
TD Fitness*
(30 min)
TD Fitness*
(30 min)
TD Fitness*
(30 min)
TD Fitness*
(30 min)
7:30 AM Pilates Circuit (upper studio) TD Fitness
8:00 AM Boot Camp
8:30 AM Pilates Mat
9:00 AM  Pilates Circuit TD Fitness
9:30 AM TD Fitness TD Fitness Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga** (90 min) (upper studio – First Sunday each month)
12:00 PM Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga
(upper studio)
Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga
(upper studio)
12:30 PM TD Fitness TD Fitness
4:00 PM
6:00 PM TD Fitness TD Fitness TD Fitness TD Fitness
Pilates Mat (upper studio) Pilates Circuit (upper studio) Pilates Circuit (upper studio) Pilates Circuit (upper studio)
7:00 PM Gentle
Hatha Yoga
(upper studio)

*All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise denoted
**Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga is offered the first Sunday of every month; Pilates Mat is offered the second Sunday of every month (Holidays excluded)

Pricing Image

Large Group Training Pricing:

  • Single Class: $20
  • 4-pack: $18 per class
  • 8-pack: $16.25 per class

Best value

Unlimited large group training $145 (with 6-month EFT)

If you are on the Unlimited Large Group Training membership, you have unlimited access to all classes and unlimited use of the facility during open hours of the gym, 7 days per week.

*See membership page for all benefits!

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