Jeff Bristol


ACE certified personal trainer

Motivational speaker


Jeff Bristol is a personal trainer, entrepreneur, proud father, and owner of Fitness Quest 10.  He took over the nationally acclaimed health and fitness center from its charismatic founder and mentor, Todd Durkin, in 2021.  

Jeff’s connection to FQ10 is deeply personal. When he first joined the team in 2011, he was struggling to recover from years of drug addiction that nearly ruined his life and family.  The positive, growth-minded community of FQ10 helped Jeff to reconnect with his love of sports and put his college degree to use. 

While growing up in Temecula, CA, Jeff played soccer, football, baseball and excelled in wrestling. In high school, he was named an All-American wrestler and went on to wrestle at the UC Davis where he placed in the Pac 10 Conference. Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Organizational Studies.

Shortly after joining the FQ10 team, Jeff knew he had found his purpose and became an ACE certified personal trainer. His enthusiasm to help clients transform their bodies and minds eventually positioned him to grow the company and his own leadership.  By 2018, Jeff transitioned into the General Manager role, and then owner just three years later during one of the most challenging times for any small business – the COVID Pandemic.

Under Jeff’s leadership, FQ10 has not only survived, it has thrived.  He has helped to retain and grow its membership and staff, develop new client programs including robust camps for young athletes, and strengthen the gym’s relationship with members and the larger community. FQ10 continues to host the annual Masters 50+ Competition, and it helps to raise thousands of dollars for local nonprofits. 

Through all the ups and downs, Jeff credits his mentor Todd Durkin for teaching him how to grind, lead and inspire, while keeping himself accountable. He is grateful to also work with his brother and fellow trainer, Teddy, and their mother who assists the front desk.  Jeff’s biggest inspiration comes from the unwavering love and support of his wife, Samantha Wilson, with whom he is raising a son, Knox.