The last Doctor that we will discuss is DR. Happiness. Dr. Happiness is the chief Yang physician, and goes hand in hand with our core values, legacy, dreams, motives and virtue. The  question we should all be asking ourselves is, is the life your living, the life you always dreamt of? If not, we are all responsible for the choices we make day in and day out to either push us towards a happy life, or further away from it.

                        Dr. Happiness is crucial for overall health and well being. This doctor is best suited with helping determine which choices are best for us individually and why, with direct alignment to your goals. One of the ways to constantly check in with Dr. Happiness is to see if that choice is going to either give you back life force energy, or drain you of this energy. What are your core values? Core values represent the needs that must be met in order to attain the life we desire, and defines the way we individually want to live our lives. For example, that could entail the people we chose to be around, the organizations we work for, the brands we chose to invest in, the way we want to be treated in a relationship, and what we consume on a daily basis. Paul talks about this in his Ebook, The Last 4 Doctors you’ll ever need, that if we don’t live by our values, the stressors we encounter become genuinely distressing, this is precisely when they trigger our flight or fight system, or to keep It simple, increase stress on the body. For example, what are your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs in your life? An easy way to find what your core values are, is to journal or write down what and where you invest all of your time and life force energy. If you are constantly sick or tired and want to live a healthier lifestyle but continue to stay up late, drink large amounts of alcohol, and consume an unhealthy diet, then what you are saying is you value those things more than your actual health. Values determine everything that truly matters in our lives. Paul says, “Life is a boomerang and you always get back exactly what you throw out! Living by your core value set is essentially loading your own energetic boomerang with what you want to return to you.” We can use these core values as a guide when we are making these tough life choices. Once we have uncovered our values, we are on the road to living a life of happiness. When one is truly happy and living by their core values, there is an incredible sense of fulfillment, gratification and grace. “A life of meaning and value is clearly a life worth living!”

            Along with our core values, another way to check in and align with Dr. Happiness is to figure out and understand what your one love, dream or goal in life is. Is everything you’re  choosing to do on a daily basis pushing you towards or further away from this dream? If you are not living the life you want, what do you love enough to actually change for?  Psychologist Jerry Wesch says, “When you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis!” Basically meaning, if you have a burning desire for achieving this dream, you won’t need to hit rock bottom to understand what you truly desire in life. This goes hand in hand with our core values. If we have a dream, but our core values are not in alignment with the path it takes to achieve this dream, then we will live a life of unfulfilled and empty. We must clearly define what it is that creates happiness in our own unique lives. No one is responsible for our own happiness, and trying to find happiness through a friendship or relationship will only bring us further away from this desire. The question we should be asking ourselves on a daily basis is, did that choice push me towards or away from my overarching dream?