Founded by legendary trainer and motivational speaker, Todd Durkin

Fitness Quest 10 opened its doors in January of 2000 as a small gym with an ambitious dream of changing people’s lives by “delivering an extraordinary fitness experience.”  Over the next decade, some of the region’s top trainers joined FQ10 as it became a one-stop shop for health and fitness.

By 2015, FQ10 was recognized as one of the top 10 gyms in America by Men’s Health Magazine for its powerful workouts and A-list NFL clients.

After being mentored by Todd for 10 years, Jeff Bristol become the managing partner in 2020.

Today, Todd continues to train and mentor at FQ10 and the incredible culture he created Is still part of the community


In Jeff’s own words,

“Fitness Quest 10 saved my life, and now I want to help change the lives of others.”

Jeff sets the example of what it means to grind and embodies the concept of “10 in 10 out” – meaning you get out what you put in. Jeff credits his mentor Todd Durkin for teaching him how to grind, lead, and inspire.

FQ10 is a gym with a unique culture and life changing impact.



Be passionate about serving others.


Work hard and be fully dedicated.


Radiate positive energy.


Be willing to work with others to achieve a goal.

Growth Minded: 

Be dedicated to continuous personal development.


Build strong relationships.


Fitness Quest 10 exists to motivate, educate & inspire people to optimal levels of performance and balance in life. We are driven to help transform mindsets by empowering people to reach their full potential!

We pledge to deliver the finest customer experience by always delivering a positive attitude, great energy, and 100% focused sessions.

We will instill well-being, confidence and belief in our clients, and fulfill the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients.


It’s no secret why so many of our members and trainers have been with us for decades:  our company culture.  From the moment you enter our doors, you will hear people call out your name, greet you with a warm smile, and cheer you on as you push through a hard set.

You will see members from middle school to 90+, professional athletes, and everyone in between. We pride ourselves in making sure each person feels like they belong here no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Our highly skilled trainers and coaches provide consistent motivation, support and instruction that you need to meet and exceed your goals.

They offer personalized, cutting-edge techniques that are effective, safe, and focus on alignment. 

Supporting our members outside of the gym is also part of our DNA.  Whether it’s through participating in fundraisers, blood drives, walks, or our annual holiday gatherings, we live to celebrate and uplift our incredible FQ10 community.