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New Year’s Success Tip 1: Try Something With a Friend

New Year’s Success Tip 1: Try Something With a Friend When you are trying to do something new, the best way to break that initial barrier of actually doing it is to do to it with a friend. The activation energy required to start is then halved and you are both more likely to say […]

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Ten Ways To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Ten Ways To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions by Rob Ewing The first day of the year is always a great day of hope, filled with resolutions for change and for success. Most of America comes up with a list of items they want to change and to improve upon and believe they have the willpower […]

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December Clients of the Month Talk About Their Experiences at FQ10

Peggy Russell and Dennis Seymour are the Fitness Quest 10 Clients of the Month for December. They were nominated and selected by the FQ10 staff as a result of their hard work and dedication to both the bettering of themselves and FQ10. Written by Peggy Russell on behalf of herself and Dennis Seymour. What brought […]

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The One Thing All Elite Athletes Do As Kids

Does the sound track to your life involve the noise of your kids playing sports outside? The sound of basketballs in the drive way, a baseball hitting a bat, or hockey pucks “clunking” off the garage door? Do your kids just seem like they can never get enough of their sports? If this is the […]

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