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MyZone at Fitness Quest 10

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MyZone at Fitness Quest 10

Fitness Quest 10 is taking on 2017 with new technology to help you be your best.

One of the brand new innovations that we are adding to our facility is the MyZone belt that is fully integrated with the screens downstairs and a mobile app on your phone. You already know you are working hard when you train, but now you know exactly where you are at in every workout and how your heart is doing. Track calories burned, % of maximum heart rate and recovery.

One way to get better is to know more about yourself and this is an awesome tool to have. Try out a belt at the front desk or get one for a heavy discount. We are offering them for only $79/band until January 9, 2017 offering a savings of nearly 50% off MSRP.

All of our boot camps and classes will begin using it to do competitions and challenges and we believe that this will be a resource to all who decide to use it.

Heart Rate Training is an essential for any workout program and we think you will love it too. Tell us about your experience!

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