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Combine TrainingIf you are looking for the highest level of sports performance & sports-specific training in San Diego, you have found the right place.

We are dedicated to getting you prepared for your NFL Future.

Charleston DeLa Cruz and Todd Durkin are here to get you to the next level in the Fitness Quest 10 NFL Combine Training program.

We have a cadre of some of the most elite professional athletes in the world who have attained accolades such as NFL Pro Bowls, NFL MVP, and Super Bowl MVP’s.

Our sports training philosophy is simple: Provide our athletes with the most effective, up-to-date education, training techniques, technology and coaching in a motivating and engaging training environment fostering unmatched results. Our elite coaching staff of personal trainers and coaches will get you the best results, bar none.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy expands into the array of services we provide our athletes:

  • Strength
  • Speed, agility, & quickness training —We train you how to move!
  • Power & plyometrics
  • Core training
  • Joint integrity
  • Hand-eye coordination and reaction drills
  • Metabolic Conditioning and Metabolic Profile Testing
  • Flexibility
  • Recovery & regeneration
  • Sports nutrition
  • Athlete life skills (Leadership, Accountability, Goal Setting)

World class
training center

Our world-class training center features:

  • Over 8,000 ft of indoor training space
  • Over 3,000 lbs of free weight
  • State-of-the art equipment & technology
  • Woodway Treadmills for maximum comfort, safety, and performance
  • Keiser Air equipment for maximal power and speed development
  • Cybex Arc Trainers
  • A vast array of exclusive, specialized equipment designed to produce athletic results
  • 40-foot “power wall” for dynamic medicine ball and other power work
  • 15-yard indoor speed and agility area, 40 yard outdoor area
  • Infrared Saunas for quick recovery & regeneration (all clients can use these unique, special saunas)
  • Treatment rooms for massage therapy & bodywork
  • Full executive style locker room
  • Clean, pristine, motivating environment in an extremely friendly and energizing atmosphere

2016 Fitness Quest 10 Combine & Pro Day Prep Alumni

Luke Rhodes – 2016 Pro Day Prep Alumni


Stefan McClure – 2016 Pro Day Prep Alumni

Jeremiah Kose – 2016 Pro Day Prep Alumni


Justin Berger – 2016 Pro Day Prep Alumni

We have trained them all.

Our team has trained thousands of athletes to PERFORM AT THEIR BEST.

Fitness Quest 10 coaches are here to help you fulfill your professional dreams and make them a REALITY.

  • NFL Combine Prep
  • Getting Drafted
  • Signing a Pro Contract
  • Earning a roster spot
  • Earning a starting role
  • Earning MVP in your pro league



It’s time to invest in your future and get the results that you need.


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