FQ10 Holiday Contest - Fitness Quest 10

“Season of Yesteryear” Holiday Contest!
NOV 23-DEC 29

“Season of Yesteryear” Holiday Contest!
NOV 23-DEC 29

Did you know the average person gains
between 7-10 pounds during the holidays?

You cannot afford to be AVERAGE this year!
Fitness Quest 10 is giving away over $1,000 in prizes in
order to help YOU BE YOUR BEST this holiday season.


FREE Motivation & Accountability Program to help you survive & thrive this Holiday Season!

1st Place Male & Female: $250* each
2nd Place Male & Femaile: $100* each
*the total amount is to be used towards Personal Training, Massage
Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Class Packages &/or Retail!

There will also be WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS!

Here’s how it works:
For every action you take or item you donate, you receive points. The person(s) with the most points on December 29th, wins.

  • You are responsible for getting your name on the FQ10 contest board (located in the lobby in both the upstairs and downstairs facilities), & moving yourself up as you collect points;
  • You must turn in your completed activity log & food journal in weekly (we will provide you with these forms);
  • You are responsible for keeping & tracking your points & handing them in;
  • Turning in points more than a week late will results in those specific points not counting towards your end total;
  • The HONOR CODE is in full effect during this contest!


  • 150 Points Turkey Day Trot or Holiday Races during duration of program
  • 150 Points for IMPACT Event workout (11/18)
  • 100 Points Burn the Bird Workout (+50 for Turkey Toss)
  • 100 Points Gift Certificate purchase
  • 100 Points 1-hour Personal Training, Pilates, FST, & Massage
  • 100 Points New client referrals who purchase a package
  • 75 Points Social media posts of workouts with Fitness Quest 10 tagged (Facebook & Instagram)
  • 50 Points Pilates Power Hour
  • 50 Points 60-minute Classes
  • 50 Points Small Group Training
  • 50 Points every donation to our Holiday Toy Drive. Toys donated December 6th or prior go to Toys for Joy, while fits donating December 7th or after go to Becky’s House.
  • 50 Points 30-minute Personal Training, Pilates, FST, & Massage
  • 25 Points 30-minute classes
  • 10 Points for every can of food you bring in for our Holiday Food Drive
  • 10 Points daily food journals


  • 150 Bonus Points if you complete a Resting Metabolic Test. This test will show you how many calories YOU BURN on a given day
  • 150 Bonus Points if you complete a Cardio Profile Test. This will show you how to best lose YOUR extra weight with cardio training.
  • 50 Bonus Points for purchase of MyZone Heart Rate Monitor


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