Build to Burn

Build to Burn: Barbell Basics


Build to Burn 1.0

Build to Burn is taught by Marie Lemkul, a National Level Competitor in Power Lifting and is meant to be the basics and foundation for lifting and human movement. This course will go over theory, and will walk through each exercise. Marie’s philosophy has always been to eat well, lift heavy and live great and she is here to coach you!

Each course is 60 minutes. Next session starts February 17th! Limit to 10 people signed up in each time slot:


Build to Burn Includes:

    • 6 – 60 minute Clinical Sessions
    • Co-Ed
    • Exercise Journal and Guide
    • Four Weeks of Hands on Instruction
    • Exercise Walk-through and Theory
    • Silver Level Membership Fitness Quest 10
    • Pre-test of Certification and Final Test for Certification
    • Build Strength AND Confidence
    • Build to Burn Level 1 Certification
    • Only $199


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