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Doubling Down on FQ10 & IMPACT in 2021! [Big News]

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There is a famous quote in the movie Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne says to his buddy “Red”, “I guess it comes down to a simple choice in life… Get busy LIVING, or get busy DYING.”

Watcha going to do?

I bet you’d agree that all of us want to get busy LIVING.

Let me ask you a question.

In order to more fully “live,” what steps might you need to take in your life?

What changes might need to occur?

What habits might you need to adopt or eliminate?

What mental shifts might need to happen?

What big moves have to be made?

I’m constantly asking myself what do I need to do to live at my best self? 

The question I’ve meditated on for the better part of 3-years is…  

“What is God calling me to do to serve more and create even more IMPACT in order to fully LIVE my life’s purpose?”

While a difficult question to answer, it’s one I’ve pondered for years. Literally.

Deep question I know, but this is what stirs in my mind.Although I believe I’ve known the answer, it has taken me some time to really take action on the “whispers.” Until now. 

The answer I’ve been hearing is “Double-Down on FQ10 & on IMPACT.”

My contemplation has been “HOW?! How do I literally double-down on Fitness Quest 10 and all that I’m doing to reach more people globally…especially in the midst of all going on?”

Well, I came up with my answer over the course of the last many months (and years) and I’m finally taking ACTION (that sometimes is the hardest of all). Let me share…


We just celebrated “21” miraculous years in business. WOW. What a crazy-ride it has been. While the last year has been unlike any I have seen, we are holding our own and we WILL get through this pandemic with continued support from our incredible clients, members, and community like you. Thank you. 
But my question is “How do we get better NOW and position ourselves for the future?”
Here are my answers…

1. Starting this month, I will begin the process of bringing in a business partner to Fitness Quest 10. While this will occur over time, I am really excited for this next step.

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Jeff Bristol will soon become my business partner in Fitness Quest 10.

Yep. That guy. The guy who started behind the front desk 9-years ago.

That guy who earned his personal training certification and soon became our busiest trainer for 5-years.

That guy who became the assistant GM for 2-years and still trained his butt off.

That guy who has been the GM at Fitness Quest 10 for the last 2-years.

That guy who has been by my side throughout the pandemic every single day serving our community like no other.

If you know Jeff, you know his story. And you know he epitomizes the FQ10 spirit & soul.

While this process will take place over many months, it has already begun. Please help me in congratulating Jeff. He has worked his butt off, wants nothing more to do than sink his heart & soul into our Fitness Quest 10 community, and originally shared his intent with me to become a partner in business OVER 3-years ago. WOW!!!  The team and I are super excited and I know our community will not only greatly benefit, but will be fired-up to welcome Jeff to an even bigger and deeper role moving forward as well.  

2. I’m NOT going anywhere!

Haha. My heart & soul is at FQ10 and the plan is for me to always be a partner/owner of Fitness Quest 10. This is just the next step in our history that will position us for long-term success.  Yes, I will still be training clients, teaching class, mentoring, and strategically advising at Fitness Quest 10 and I’m pumped for that. I hope to do what I’m doing for another decade+, as I enter into my 5th decade of life in 2021 (yes, turning the big 5-0 in March 2021!).  With that being said…   

 3. I will be creating the “TDE Global Headquarters” upstairs in the ROOTS.

As my calling & purpose in life deepens to create even more global impact, I will be doing a remodel of the ROOTS (upstairs FQ10) in the next few months that will serve as the epicenter of my desire to “Double-down” on IMPACT & all my Todd Durkin Enterprises (TDE) initiatives.

This will include increased attention to podcasting, creating & streaming content, life-coaching, writing more books, and growing the “IMPACT” initiatives globally, which includes the growth of my philanthropic side of the Durkin IMPACT Foundation.

I believe my deeper calling in life is to further expand many of my current initiatives so that we can ultimately IMPACT 10-million people in my lifetime.

And since we all know that life isn’t guaranteed, NOW is the time to double-down on those initiatives as well and make big things happen!

While training & Pilates will still occur up in the “Roots,” they will be occurring simultaneously within the “Todd Durkin Global Headquarters.” I’m really excited for that ENERGY shift also, where I can be back in the ROOTS even more and we can further mix the energy of FQ10 & TDE. #BeReadyHere is the bottom-line…

  • I am committed to the LONG-TERM success and health of Fitness Quest 10 and know these moves are going to put us in the best situation to continue creating major IMPACT in our Scripps Ranch & San Diego community. I love Fitness Quest 10 like it’s my first-born child (it kind of is!) and that’s exactly WHY these changes are being made.

Just as Jim Collins shares in his book, “Built to Last,” when you have a company built on a strong culture, great values, a driving vision, and a community of winners, then you are “Built to Last.”

And that’s exactly what I want to do to ensure not only the longevity, but the culture, energy, and SOUL that is FQ10. And you have my word on that!

  • You are going to see some positive changes in the next few months. Between a mini-facelift downstairs, a mini-remodel upstairs, and some system updates, it’s always good to continue evolving, growing, and ADDING LIFE to your business. That will happen.
  • The TEAM is super fired-up! We have been blessed to have some of the most amazing talent on the planet for over 21-years (Heck, we have 5-teammates right now who have been with me for over a decade!)

I love who is on our team right now. With these changes, there is going to be even more GROWTH opportunities for our team. And that is really exciting. Even though I’ve always built the organization around potential growth opportunities for our staff, the future-forward vision of FQ10 & TDE is going to “double” the potential growth opportunities for our staff at both Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises in the next-year alone.

  • Our focus will remain on CHANGING LIVES. When I started FQ10 in year 2000 with no clients, no money, and no business plan, my passion & purpose was on simply changing lives. Period.

In the midst of the pandemic for the last 9-months, my focus has not been on P&L statements, the rent due, or the bank account. It has been on one thing… 
SAVE LIVES…CHANGE LIVES.Our mission will always remain that.

Our focus will be on changing the lives of the people who SHOW-UP. Live and in-person. Or On Zoom. Or outside.

It will be on pouring into the people like you who support our mission and our community.

For that, I say thank you. We are grateful for you. Each and every person who has stuck by our side. 

Heck, we have some people who have been with me for 21-years. Literally.

And we have some people who have joined us in the MIDDLE of the pandemic.

And we have many people somewhere in-between being a client for a few months to five years to a couple decades.

Regardless, I say THANK YOU. Thank YOU to each and every heart-beat that supports our mission and allows the team and I to do what we are called to do! And will CONTINUE to do.

In a time when many are pulling back (or even closing down), I commit to DOUBLING-DOWN!!!

I commit to making moves. Moves that will position us for max growth. And max IMPACT.

We will do the opposite of most and come from a GROWTH MINDSET.JFK once said that “Rising tides lifts all boats.”  I believe this is a perfect example of us right now. It’s time to RISE-UP.

I truly believe that all the exciting news and moves are going to allow for everyone to get better and to RISE.

Every single person who comes through the doors at FQ10.

Or visits us online.

Or trains with us on ZOOM or on FB LIVE.

Or listens to a podcast.

Or reads one of my books.

Or attends a live event (we will do that again!).

Or attends a class outside or trains with us outdoors.

Our team.

Our community.

And to all the Mind-Right Maniacs & fire-breathing dragons committed to being the best versions of themselves.

To me, that’s what IMPACT stands for and is all about. Taking and making the bold moves necessary to be obedient to your calling. Whatever that is.

I am pumped for 2021 and beyond. I am excited for all the positive growth for FQ10 & TDE that is about to occur.  My friends, I’ll end with the same quote I started with…

“Either get busy LIVING…or get busy DYING.”

What are you going to do?

I’m choosing LIVING. How about you?

Much love…and tons of IMPACT.


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