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I am excited to announce the GREAT NEWS that we are officially reopening Fitness Quest 10 tomorrow, June 12th!!! It has been a long, challenging 3 months that we have been shut down because of this pandemic and as I look back and I reflect on this quarantine I have to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude…

I am grateful for the time I spent with my family. I am grateful for the lessons and skills that I learned. I am grateful for the strength and leadership of the FQ10 team. And, I am so grateful for the love and support that the FQ10 community has shown us during these last several months.

THANK YOU for believing in us. We are committed to serving you as we navigate this process of reopening. We are so EXCITED to open the doors at Fitness Quest 10, this is a HUGE step in the right direction. We are going to take this one day at a time, with a smile on our face 

Please read this message from Todd that was sent out to our members yesterday:  

Our first concern is your health & safety and we are doing EVERYTHING possible to ensure your health, everyone’s health around you, and to still maximize your experience.

A few things to remember…

1. Please bring your own Towel. Thank you.

2. Please bring your own mask. You will be required to wear a mask when you are inside of Fitness Quest 10.

3. Your temperature will be taken when you first come into Fitness Quest 10.

4. Please “sign-in” yourself or we can have a “Director of First Impression” sign you in when you come in. By doing so, you are consenting that you are not sick, have not been exposed to Covid-19 to your knowledge, and that you are experiencing no other signs of being sick (all will be outlined).

5. Please practice social distancing (6’ apart minimum).

6. Clean up after yourself!We have 6 sanitizing stations downstairs. We have 3 sanitizing stations upstairs. Please clean your equipment when you are done with it. We want to PRIDE ourselves on being the CLEANEST gym in San Diego.  We will have outdoor stations set-up downstairs to ramp up your cardio and training outside if you choose to do that. Please do keep social distance in mind when training outside.  

Schedule for the “1st Phase”:

OK. This is what we will be doing for the first few days.

Friday June 12th: Open 7 am-12 NOON; 1 pm-5 pm;

Saturday June 13th: Open 8am-12 NOON;

Sunday June 14th: Open 9-12 am.

WEEK 1 (June 15th-June 21st):

Monday-Thursday: 6 am to 12 noon; closed 12 noon to 1 pm; 1-7 pm

Friday: 6am-12 noon; closed 12 noon to 1 pm; 1-5 pm;

Saturday: 8 am-12 NOON;

Sunday: June 21st: Open 9 am-12 noon.

That gets us through Sunday June 22nd, Father’s Day. Then we will come out with our next iteration in “Phase 2” of new hours, regulations, etc.

You can book your sessions a few different ways:

1. Reaching out to your trainers directly and booking your session.

2. Calling us and booking during “working” hours. 858.271.1171.

We will be monitoring and controlling the number of appointments inside Fitness Quest 10 initially.

There will be no LIVE classes in the first week inside of Fitness Quest 10.

We will continue to have our normal ZOOM class schedule right now.

We will potentially add some small classes after this initial “soft-open.”

Members (without scheduled training sessions), you can come in during open business hours and use the facility. If we have to go to a “reservation” system for members we will. I don’t think we will need to do that initially but will continue to communicate with you if so.

Remember, our new beefed-up outside area will help us spread out also if we happen to have max numbers. I hope that is our problem and will address it if it becomes a problem. Thank you for working through this with us and promise to continue to do my best for you.  

We know you may have some questions. I promise you we have done everything to protect you. I believe that YOUR HEALTH & TRAINING is the MOST IMPORTANT thing right now. And whether you decide to train online with us for a few more weeks on ZOOM or FB LIVE or you are ready to get back inside the sanctuary and feel the energy, we are slowly and excitedly getting back to a “new normal.” It’s going to FEEL SO GREAT to get going again and see so many of you.  

Much Love,

Todd Durkin

Our commitment to our mission to change lives has not wavered in the face of the adversity we have all experienced the last several months. Our community is BUILT TO LAST and that is because of people like you. Thank you again for your continued support and please let me know how we can best help you right now.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your options that you have, please do not hesitate to reach out. Please email me at or call the gym at 858-271-1171 and I look forward to speaking with you! #FQ10STRONG

Much love to you and your family,

Jeff Bristol 

General Manager

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