Important Things as We Look to Reopen FQ10 - Fitness Quest 10

Important Things as We Look to Reopen FQ10

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Important Things as We Look to Reopen FQ10

Fitness Quest 10 is the lighthouse where much positivity, energy, and light emanates. It’s where may people go to get “fed.”

And we literally are days away from OPENING.

I can’t wait.

The team can’t wait.

And many of our clients & members can’t wait.

First, a BIG THANK YOU and much gratitude for ALL who have stuck with us, supported us, and gotten us to this point. Thank you.

We aren’t out of the woods yet and believe the next 1-2 months will be pivotal to keep moving forward. And we will.

As we open, there are a few important things as we open:

1. We will PRIORITIZE your health & safety. We will do everything possible to ensure your health and safety first. There are several new policies & procedures that we will need to follow initially so please read our “FQ10 Health & Safety Procedures” on our private FB page. This will be a very fluid document that will be updated regularly.

2. Be patient with us. We will NOT be perfect with every procedure, but every decision and procedure being implemented WILL pertain to your health & safety FIRST. Period.

3. We WILL continue our FQ10 Connect “Virtual Workout” page even AFTER we open Fitness Quest 10. We may revise the schedule a bit but there will be no major changes initially. Thank you ALL who are participating in workouts, meditations, yoga, Pilates, prayer sessions, Happy Hour, etc. I think we found something here. 🙂

4. Once we get word of officially opening, we will need to control the number of people/sessions at Fitness Quest 10 at one time. For the first 72-hours, we will only be doing 1-1 and semi-private training via appointment. This will allow us to maximally control the number of guests at Fitness Quest 10 at one time.

5. After 72-hours (3-days), we plan to open the facility to monthly members. There will be 5-members allowed inside Fitness Quest 10 per hour. We will also be fortifying our OUTDOOR training area (TRX S-frame, cardio equipment outside, Prowlers, etc) as well for additional sessions and members, which will provide for some “extra” fun in the sun. 🙂

We don’t anticipate any issues with this but within 10-days, we hope to further expand those numbers if the flow still fits the guidelines. Remember, your HEALTH & SAFETY is our primary concern.

6. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. Yes, the book does come out and I did NOT write it knowing that the pandemic would be coming. I wish I did. Just as a reminder, let’s remember that we WILL get through this. TOGETHER we will be stronger. Just like I said in March, April, and all this past month, LEAN-In to me and the team. #WeGotThis

There are many other guidelines and procedures for our re-opening. Please be sure to head over to our private FB page to see and read all of them.

Folks, there are A LOT of things to be excited about this WEEK and this MONTH. As a matter of fact, in addition to the aforementioned, just take a look at all of the AWESOME activities & events happening in the upcoming weeks (Free GYMR Contest for FQ10 community, Book Signing Party, Virtual 5K, Social Media Contest for the Book, and a slew of other things).

See below for the complete list of all the activities for “International Get Your MIND RIGHT Month.”

Again, thank you all for your perseverance. For your patience. Your love and great attitudes. I’m about to go on this #PositivityPandemic crusade across the globe and I love knowing that we have the most heart-centric, extraordinary people on the planet in our community.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t wait to see you. Hug you. And give you high-fives. 

OK, for now, it will be air hugs. Air high-fives. And air-fist-bumps.

But I can promise you one thing…you WILL FEEL me and FEEL my energy. And together we will GET LIT UP with as much positivity and energy as possible. Are you ready?

Much love,


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