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3 BIG Things Announced at Fitness Quest 10!

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#1 A Community Networking Board for YOU!

One thing we pride ourselves on is the community we foster at Fitness Quest 10, and that couldn’t be done without YOU! So one of the newest additions to our facility is a Community Networking Board where YOU can promote your business, products, services or WHATEVER you do! Place a few of your cards in a slot, or take someone else’s.  

Interesting Image
Lisa Evanovich Posing Next to our
NEW Community Networking board!

#2 We Now Have a Myzone in the Roots!

Myzone effectively tracks your workouts, and monitors heart rate, calories, and time exercising. Best of all, it measures EFFORT rather than your fitness. That means you can actually SEE your heart working and getting better. How cool is that?! All-In effort is the key to health and success and Myzone helps us honestly track that effort. Now you can track ALL you do in the roots along with our lower facility!! During the month of September we will be offering Myzone belts at a 25% discount to all FQ10 members and clients! 

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Jeff Bristol Scoring Some MEP’s in the Roots!

#3 We’re hosting a 50 and Over Fitness Competition!

People from all over California will be gathering at our sanctuary in 3 weeks on Saturday, September 22nd to compete in a 50 & over fitness competition! This is the first time we have ever hosted this event and we would LOVE for YOU (our devoted FQ10 family) to participate & represent Fitness Quest 10 in this competition!⁣

There will be 10 different fitness events including: Kettlebell Box Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Chin Ups, Farmers Walk, Keg Toss, 300 Yard Shuttle Run, Concept 2 Rower, Jump Rope, Prowler Push, Medicine Ball Slam.

⁣For event How To’s visit THIS link!

⁣Entry fee is $35 per person + $10 Sport Fee.⁣ ⁣Get ready because on Sunday, September 22nd from 9:00 – 11:00 am it’s on!⁣

⁣Register NOW at https://www.sdseniorgames.org

⁣For a complete list of events & rules click here

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For any questions or comments email Jeff Bristol or give us a call at 858-271-1171!

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