Why I Wanted to be an Intern at Fitness Quest 10! By Alex Cost - Fitness Quest 10

Why I Wanted to be an Intern at Fitness Quest 10! By Alex Cost

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Alex Cost – Summer Intern 2019

Hello! My name is Alex Cost and I am 25 years old and currently a dual master’s student at San Diego State University. As you may know, internships are an integral part of the college experience… and my experience is no exception. However, I came to Fitness Quest 10 for more than just college credits— I wanted to intern at a premier health and performance facility while joining one of the greatest families in the world.

I heard about Fitness Quest 10 through SDSU and knew a little bit about its culture through friends and professors, but it wasn’t until after my interview and taking my first class that I really started to understand what FQ10 was all about. Most gyms care about fitness- and so does FQ10- but by no means does it stop there. I was extremely excited to learn that there are many different facets of fitness and health whether it be strength training, massage, yoga, Pilates, or even body work. As someone who also has a desire to open their own fitness facility in the future, I could instantly see that this internship would teach all the behind the scenes work that goes in to running a gym. And not just merely run it, but how to make it truly successful.

It wasn’t until after my first class that I knew I wanted to be here. I walked in that day with a few other people and the Director of First Impressions welcomed all of us by name (I had only met her once prior) and immediately I felt a part of the group. The workout went great and was tiring, but what I noticed was how engaged the leader was and the excitement he brought. Not only did it pump me up but the whole class was energetic and cheering each other on! Not only did I feel a part of the group then, but I felt a part of the team, and a team I WANTED to be on. I heard about the legitimacy and wealth of knowledge that interns gain here and I could not have been more excited to start.

I have now been here for a week and I already feel that I have diversified my training style, met so many new wonderful people (trainers and clients alike) and learned how to grow as a person and be the best possible version of myself, so that I can help my future team get to their highest possible level. I couldn’t be more excited for what is still yet to come this summer and the leaps and bounds I am going to make as a trainer. But most importantly, as a person— how I can positively IMPACT every person I come across.

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