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NFL Combine Prep: Day 2

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NFL Combine Prep: Day 2

Charleston DeLa Cruz is starting to get his guys started on their Combine and Pro Day Prep Journey. So far four of our athletes have checked in:

  • Kwayde Miller, SDSU
  • Chanceller James, Boise State
  • Nick Kurtz, BYU
  • Steve Cluley, William & Mary

We are expecting more to join us in the next few weeks, but in the mean time, follow the journey that our guys are going through.

Day 1 was mainly a logistical day filled with paper work, insurance and all the other issues that need to get taken care of, which makes Day 2 another important step: Physical Therapy Assessment. In order to improve, you have to know where you are at and knowing where muscular imbalances, tightness, and existing injuries are allows Charleston and Todd to train the guys effectively and safely.

We not only want our guys to be strong, but we want them to be healthy.

During this process, we test our athletes with InBody composition testing to see where they are at from a lean body mass, body fat percentage, hydration, and visceral fat level. (We track the changes from start to finish so that we know our athletes have the best chance of success at the next level. Preparation is key, especially in maintaining long term health.)

Follow our Combine Athletes on their journey here at Fitness Quest 10 or on Facebook at

A big thank you to Ascent Protein and Under Armour for their support in making dreams come true.

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