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Victoria Nordyke – FQ10 Client of the Month

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From the first moment of meeting Victoria Nordyke, you can tell that she has a warmness about her that is special. She is authentic and genuine and stares straight into your eyes as she says, “Hi! I’m Victoria!” Like most of Fitness Quest 10, she cares about you and the conversation she is having with you because you are now part of her Fitness Quest 10 family. 

Victoria began coming to Fitness Quest 10 when she was 7 and now as a college student she is the perfect example of growing up in the Fitness Quest 10 atmosphere. She works hard, but at the same time, her smile is never absent… almost as a constant reminder that this is supposed to be fun. 

Jeff Bristol, her personal trainer, has been training Victoria since High School and marveled at the progress she’s made in both her fitness and in her diet. The biggest transformation however has been mindset and he couldn’t be prouder. “Fitness Quest 10 is much more than just a gym to her, where she comes and gets a workout in. She comes for the mind body, spirit connection. It’s really special how much she talks about how important fitness quest 10 is to her life.”

We are so lucky to have Victoria as a Client at Fitness Quest 10 and we wanted to honor her with the Client of the Month award for June. She embodies everything that Fitness Quest 10 stands for and we are so proud of her. 


Asked about what her plans are for the future, Victoria responded, “To get STRONG and backpack the world.” She certainly is well on her way and we can’t wait to see her journey begin!

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