Fitness Quest 10 Family Feature: Judy Rieke

Fitness Quest 10 Family Feature: Judy Rieke

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Fitness Quest 10 Family Feature: Judy Rieke

On any given week, Judy Rieke can be found working hard at Fitness Quest 10 with Craig Valency, her personal trainer. To the uninformed, she strikes a rather intimidating figure, executing perfect Romanian Deadlifts with over 50 pounds in each hand and only finishing an exercise if it is done correctly. Her humor can be dry, and she never quits. However, her story goes much further than that.

Judy is one of the most inspirational members of our Fitness Quest 10 Family. She pushes the envelope so much and works so hard that you would never be able to guess that she was advanced in age. As Craig puts it, “She is tenacious, and she doesn’t shrink from the challenge of lifting really heavy things.”

In 2014, Judy was in peak physical condition and still she became very ill and was informed that she needed to have a colostomy. Because of this, she had to have a majority of her intestines removed and the doctors weren’t sure she was going to recover. She lost a lot of weight and “the doctors told [her] that if [she] was not in the shape that [she] was in prior to [her] first surgery, [she] would not have lived.”

When talking to Judy however, her only concern was that should could not work out for six months. A year later, Judy is already back to where she was prior to the surgery and is pushing Craig more than ever. She has taken up swimming and is looking to expand on her physical abilities.

In fact, Judy paid Craig the greatest compliment any trainer can expect to receive when she said, “Craig, I just want to thank you for making me so strong.”

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