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5 Reasons You Should SERIOUSLY Start Working Out With Your Spouse

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Since I started training here at Fitness Quest 10, I have had the opportunity of training many great people that will be lifelong clients and friends. One group that I have really enjoyed working with are parents and couples in search of more energy, creating healthier habits, being able to play with their kids, or getting the mindset, body, and confidence that they had when they were younger.

When I have couples come in to FQ10 to start training, they don’t always begin by training together. I’ll tell them why they should think about training together and they may make excuses like, “I need to watch the kids,” or, “my husband is WAY too competitive to workout with,” or that, “my wife will KICK MY BUTT in a workout, don’t let her embarrass me, Jesse!,” or, my favorite, “she can’t come, this is MAN time!!!”

Whatever the case, working out with your spouse can be great for the both of you for a number of reasons:

1) EXERCISE CAN BOOST ENERGY: This is a general benefit of exercise for everyone starting a training program, but imagine how much this can help you in your daily life! People who exercise regularly understand that their actions matter and make it a habit to exercise regularly.

2) EXERCISE CAN LIFT DEPRESSION: Exercising three times a week can decrease depression just about as good as depressants can. Why is this? Studies have found that exercise can help turn brain neurons that were once damaged into healthier, more productive neurons.

3) EXERCISE CAN BUILD SELF ESTEEM: Let me tell you, when couples start training together, the workouts suddenly become more productive. The fun level goes up, my clients suddenly feel like they can lift more weight (to impress their significant other), they start playing together, and they start encouraging each other. You see, when you accomplish a major task like exercise together with your spouse, you feel a new level of accomplishment by working through a tough challenge together. Imagine how this can help you in the real world!

4) EXERCISE CAN DECREASE STRESS: Kids games, work, bills, the list goes on. Exercise, however, releases chemicals in our body such as dopamine which plays a role in our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. By releasing dopamine you will not only be able to realize your goals and rewards, but you will also have more motivation to take action towards achieving them.

5) YOU WILL FEEL EUPHORIC: Have you not been feeling “euphoric” enough lately? Exercising with your significant other may be just what you need. The term, “runners high,” is an actual thing, and through exercising with your significant other you will both feel euphoric. Exercising and running releases endorphins and endocannabinoids. Endorphins block the sensation of pain and endocannabinoids is the chemical that lightens the mood, very much like the effect of marijuana.

So, as you can see, there are MANY reasons why to workout with your spouse! All of my coupled clients enjoy it and are also some of my clients that have had the best results. Make exercise and fitness not only a way of life for yourself, but for your husband or wife!

Jesse Dietrick
Personal Trainer, Fitness Quest 10

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