"My Fitness Journey," by Christina Vitale - Fitness Quest 10

“My Fitness Journey,” by Christina Vitale

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My fitness journey started when I was five years old. During my childhood, I would go back and forth between dance recitals and soccer games. By the time I turned eight years old, I realized that soccer was a passion of mine, and my skill level skyrocketed. I was offered a spot on a traveling team, and made a tough decision to discontinue my dance lessons. Looking back, I do not regret my decision one bit because in order for your heart to be in something, you really need the time to do it. We practiced three days per week and participated in tournaments at least every other weekend. I continued on this traveling team until I was thirteen or fourteen years old, which is when I decided to switch to a club soccer league. I stuck with this club team all the way through high school graduation. We were practicing five days per week, three hours per day. The sun would beat down on us; I would bring gallons of water to make it through. This may sound brutal for a young athlete; but, I must admit, I loved every minute of it. My premier level team (this is the highest level in soccer) won a season title, competing with all other premier level teams in the southwest United States. My whole life, I had the opportunity to stay fit, to work out on a regular basis, and to have fun with it.

As you can imagine, during this fitness progression, I ate a lot. All I knew was to “drink plenty of water” and “eat plenty of carbs.” I was on the field so much, it did not matter what I ate; it would burn off of me in an instant. I was 5’1”, 105 pounds, had muscular legs, and ran like the speed of light. Soccer was such a routine for me, I never stopped to imagine the day when it would come to an end.

The day came when I became an adult. No five-a-week practices, no parents driving me to games, I had to go to work, and I had college classes ranging from 8am-5pm. My soccer days came to a complete stop. I simply could not find the time to join a team. The thought to join a gym never hit me, because the only workouts I knew were those relative to soccer. I also continued to “eat plenty of carbs.” The problem was that I was continuously fueling an engine that would not get moving. I gained 20 pounds in one year. Also, my grandfather had a major heart attack from our Mediterranean food lifestyle. These two things are what ultimately helped me decide to become a registered dietician. I did not only want to learn so that I could help myself, but because I also have a passion for helping other people.

I started working for Todd Durkin at Fitness Quest 10 in 2012. This is the point in time where I started learning how to properly exercise. As I work, I overhear the trainers as they correct their clients’ form and give them continuous words of encouragement. As my coworkers have become my family, I can talk to them about anything and ask them any fitness questions. With this information, I have become driven once again to be a better version of me.

Studying nutrition and working at Fitness Quest 10 has really opened up my eyes in realizing that they very much go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Fitness and nutrition are symbiotic. I have now taken everything that I have learned in this journey (putting more time into your passions, exercising, and making better eating decisions), to lose weight, to be happier, and to be healthier than I have ever been!

To make sure that my soccer satisfaction is met, I currently play recreational soccer at school and in adult leagues.

Remember to use your knowledge and obtain knowledge that will help you become the best version of you!

Christina Vitale
Director of First Impressions, Fitness Quest 10

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