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To Nourish and Purr.. that is the Answer!

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What does it FEEL like to be a woman over forty?

If you would have asked us this question twenty years ago, we both would’ve answered as a joke, “I don’t need to worry about that because I’ll never be THAT old.”

Twenty years ago, we may have been guilty of viewing women over forty as potentially past their prime, frumpy and deteriorating.  This sounds like a ridiculous notion now, especially as one of us is approaching this number and the other is already part of the club!

I think we can all agree that somewhere between the ages of 35-55 most of us are deep in the “Cocoon of Life.”

We are busy in the height of our careers, deep in the throws of motherhood, bombarded with social activities, and sometimes struggling in our relationships. On top of this, our bodies go through significant hormonal changes that make our past habits more detrimental or our normal health regime less affective. It is a hard truth to find out that how we eat, think, handle stress and sleep have a huge impact on our bodies, minds and energy.

Basically, we are not in our twenties anymore and there is no going back. Our bodies do not forgive our lifestyle as easily as a decade ago. On an emotional level, many of us can lose ourselves during this time of our lives and chalk up degrading health or an overweight body as, “this is what happens when you get old.”

But we are here to tell you that you should NOT give in to being “old.”

There is no rule that says we, us women, of ANY age, have to succumb to stress, imbalanced hormones, toxic relationships, or mental barriers.  We believe we have a choice in all of this. We can decide how we want to live our lives and how we want our bodies to look and feel.

When we started working in the health and fitness industry, our mindset was mainly focused on helping people look good and loose weight.

Melanie’s background, being in Pilates, focused on mobility and injury prevention, where as Janet’s focused primarily on building confidence and strength. But as our knowledge (and age) increased in the areas of nutrition, alternative medicine and emotional issues women face, we have upgraded our passion to include a more holistic view of health and fitness.

We believe women of all ages can invest in their own health and healing. We can feel attractive, powerful, sexy, energetic, balanced and vibrant no matter what decade we are in!

Transformation starts with being KIND to yourself, nourishing yourself with exercise, meditation, laughter, connecting with friends, and basing your diet on healing foods.

When we learn to balance our lives past basic needs, we begin to fall in love with ourselves. When we are filled with love, the energy inside of us begins to purr! Like a content cat, the warm feeling we engender will begin to positively affect the people around us  as well.

So what does it feel like to be a woman over forty? The answer is yours to create and protect. Just remember, the more we nourish, the better we purr!

Janet Bertrand and Melanie Rogers both work at Fitness Quest 10 in sunny San Diego California. They have developed and run many specialty programs such as “Bikini boot camp” and “Little Black Dress Boot Camp.”

Their next Boot Camp “Surrender your Booty” will begin March 1st. This NEW program will be addressing stress management, effective nutrition and building strong and fulfilling relationships. All of that in addition to kick butt workouts and weekly accountability. If you are interested in any of their programs please feel free to send them an email. They would LOVE to hear from you!

There is a well-organized medical service with all necessary equipment. SCOTT & WHITE HOSPITAL- COLLEGE STATION.

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