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Fitness Quest 10: 30 Day Experience

Not sure of where to start? Why not have a good taste of everything at a massive discount? 

With the 30 Day Experience, you will get: 

- 1 Personal Training session (60-minutes) - 1 Private Pilates Training session (60-minutes) - 1 Small Group Training session (60-minutes) - 1 Massage (30-minutes) - Unlimited Large Group Classes (60-minutes) - Unlimited Facility Use All for only $129! (First time clients only)

Fitness Quest 10 exists to motivate, educate & inspire people to optimal levels of performance and balance in life. We are driven to help transform mindsets by empowering people to reach their full potential. We pledge to deliver the finest customer experience by always delivering a positive attitude, great energy, and 100% focused sessions. FQ10 will instill well-being, confidence and belief in our clients, and fulfill the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients.

“Age places me beyond the goal of achieving a sculptured body, so my fitness priority is about about remaining strong and maintaining the ability to move. Fitness Quest 10 is preeminent at offering the tools through top notch professional trainers, to accomplish these goals. Yoga classes have kept me flexible and strong, Pilates sessions continue to strengthen my core while adjusting my body alignment, one-on-one training sessions increase my strength, agility and all important balance. And when the efforts necessary to staying fit are spent, the reward, personalized body work/ massage is a miracle cure. All this is possible with TD and his staff. They are the best!”

Donna Dickinson

"Simply put.. Fitness Quest 10 is the absolute best thing I’ve EVER done for myself! I typically have a very short attention span, so I never anticipated I’d still be working out eight years later! But much to my surprise and PRIDE, I’LL NEVER QUIT now that I’ve discovered how GREAT I feel, how STRONG I’ve become and how much I love seeing the RESULTS at 67 years-old. I attribute my success first of all to Todd’s upbeat, positive, supportive staff …and secondly to my determination to live the healthiest years of my life from this day forward!"

Ellen Guest

Don’t wait, maximize your HEALTH today.