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Todd's "Find of the Year" For 2006

By Todd Durkin
Todd is the founder of Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises in San Diego, CA. He leads a staff of 26 employees, trains over 25 NFL athletes, and motivates companies, teams, and conferences throughout the country.

As a personal trainer and owner of a successful health and human performance center that trains dozens of professional athletes and hundreds of clients a week, I have used practically every kind of equipment and training tool to challenge my clients to their limits. In the world of human performance and personal training, there are thousands of tools a trainer can use to derive results with a client. Although I believe there are several ways to skin a cat, I have recently found one tool that is my “Find of the Year.” Its name is the TRX Suspension Trainer from Fitness Anywhere, Inc. and it has changed the way I train my clients.

{mosimage} The TRX was invented by Navy SEALs who needed to maintain peak physical condition while deployed for weeks or months in remote locales. Out of necessity, they made the first prototypes from parachute webbing. As the system’s design was refined, its library of exercises continued to grow. Fitness Anywhere has now programmed over 300 highly functional strength, flexibility and core stability progressions; I’ve even invented a few myself.

Its design is deceptively simple: 12 feet of industrial-strength nylon webbing, handles and some resourceful anchoring attachments. But it is the little details and high-quality construction that make the TRX a serious piece of equipment. The TRX was built to military standards of strength and durability (1,000 lbs. test) so users can be confident while training. The strap lengths can be easily adjusted depending on the exercise you are doing and the built-in foot cradles allow you to do some of the most unique and effective core and lower-body routines available anywhere.

The TRX uses variable bodyweight as resistance, and is as challenging as you want it to be. You can also control the amount of instability to develop the stabilizing muscles, which makes it even more effective. I love training with bodyweight resistance and the system allows me to vary the intensity and complexion of these exercises to meet each client’s unique goals. Whether training a 240 lb NFL linebacker, a 50-year-old executive, or a physical therapy client, this System will challenge your clients appropriately regardless of age, shape, size, or strength.

{mosimage} Our staff trainers use the TRX all day with countless clients and the equipment stands up to the challenge. We place several units next to each other in order to train multiple people at once, performing the same exercises, but at varying levels. With the system I can switch quickly from drop sets to supersets, compound sets, multi-joint movements, or isolation type exercises. 20-30 minutes of exercise on the TRX provides an awesome overall workout for the entire body.

My clients really enjoy the TRX. It is fun and challenging. The ability for a client to “self-adjust” the level of difficulty by simply changing body position while exercising is a big advantage. Many of my clients now own the system for in-home use and I prescribe their in-home training programs. It takes up little room and attaches easily to a door, tree, fence, or any stable apparatus in the gym like squat racks and cable towers.

Fitness Anywhere has done a phenomenal job in preparing educational material to support the TRX for both the trainer and the client. A comprehensive demonstration DVD and basic guidebook are included with the TRX. Other good material, including a Military Fitness Guide (developed for the Navy SEALs selection program), club exercise posters, and a range of sport-specific training guides (Core Strength, Flexibility, Multisport Endurance, Mixed Martial Arts, and others) is also available. The TRX team clearly spent a lot of time and money producing a quality product that they can be proud of.

I now recommend that all trainers add suspension training into their clients’ programs. The TRX is good for everyone, and is clearly one of the most effective, affordable, and versatile pieces of equipment on the market today. It will soon be a familiar fixture in every segment of the sports and fitness industry. If you are serious about getting results, the TRX is a must have for your fitness arsenal. 

I rate the TRX as outstanding. Sometimes the best things in life are simple. This simple idea will shape the fitness industry for years to come. Results speak volumes. The TRX delivers. 

To order, go to fitnessanywhere.com.  

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