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For Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Allied Health & Fitness Professionals

Be one of a select group of people to have private, ongoing access to Todd's inner circle as a member of his exclusive Mastermind Group.

Todd's Mastermind Provides:

  • A carefully designed and controlled, high-quality, private mastermind experience facilitated by Todd Durkin
  • Ongoing daily support via Google Group with Mastermind
  • Monthly Teleseminar on fitness/business topics
  • The opportunity to surround yourself with extremely successful people in the fitness field
  • Increased focus and clarity by having insight from experienced professionals in the field
  • Meet LIVE in person, away from your office, home, and "everyday life" one time per year in beautiful San Diego
  • Total immersion in the solutions, strategies, and BIG thinking to grow your business FAST

This Program is perfect for you IF...

  • You have the burning desire to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income this year
  • You want to be generating $250,000, $500,00, $1 million, or more within the next 2-3 years
  • You need to improve your overall profitability
  • You're self-motivated, resourceful, reliable, and a quick study
  • You want to surround yourself with extremely SUCCESSFUL fitness entrepreneurs that are forward-thinking, positive, and have lots of EXPERIENCE to offer
  • You're ready to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to kick your business into high gear
  • You own a personal training, Pilates, or massage studio or you are a fitness entrepreneur and run your own business
  • You need a sounding board (other than your employees) to other people in similar situations that may have solutions to your current issues, obstacles, or challenges
  • You are searching for growth opportunities and need the wisdom, experience, and insight from other professionals that have experienced the same decisions you are facing
  • You don't enjoy feeling like you often "live on an island" and don't know who or where to turn to discover answers, insight, support, or feedback on your current obstacles, challenges, issues, or decisions
  • You dream of opening or growing your studio but need the support, advice, and experience of seasoned, savvy veterans in the field
  • You feel burned out and need to connect on an on-going basis with passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals
  • You need to see how other fitness professionals organize their time & schedule to maximize "time management"
  • You need to CREATE strategic plans for SUCCESS in your business and life
  • You need increased motivation & accountability in regards to your fitness business
  • Yearning for Time Freedom & Money Freedom
  • You desire to be GREAT!!!

This program is NOT for you IF...

  • You have a tendency to complain, be skeptical, blame others for your results
  • You have trouble making decisions and need constant handholding
  • You have difficulty honoring commitments you make to yourself
  • You're content in your current situation
  • You're pessimistic and don't want to live and work in a positive mindset
  • You're not ready to STEP UP and get SERIOUS about your business
  • You're content with just being GOOD!

"You are only as strong as the mastermind that you surround yourself with.  If you want to be a millionaire, surround yourself with millionaires.  If you want to be spiritually strong, surround yourself with spiritually strong people.  If you want to be a great athlete, surround yourself with great athletes.  A solid mastermind group allows you to elevate your game at a speed that is much faster than you could do it all yourself, let alone probably exceeding what you could have done on your own anyway.  That's why all the great entrepreneurs of the world have coaches, sounding boards, and masterminds to which they belong."
Ali Brown-AB Communications and one of Todd's Life Coaches


As a Todd Durkin Mastermind Member, You Experience:
1. On-going online 24/7/365 day support through a specialized Google group of just Todd's Mastermind group.  This is where the exclusive group is connected at all times and shares questions, articles, documents, "threads" on select topics driven by Todd & the group.  This gives you access to not only Todd, but to the amazing group of successful individuals in the Mastermind at all times of the day.  If you have a question or comment, you post it to the group, and you have answers within hours.  This is like getting coaching from Todd & the amazing group assembled at an extremely valuable price on an on-going basis.  That is 24/7/365.  This by itself makes it a worthwhile investment!!!!

2. One Teleseminar per month open to just Todd's Mastermind Group on specific fitness topics (generating revenue, profitability, marketing, customer service, growth, etc.).  These will be recorded and available for download or on CD-Rom if you can't make the call.

3. One 2-Day "closed-door" LIVE group meeting with Todd per year in San Diego

4. Reduced Pricing for 1-1 Success Coaching (if needed) (Normally $250.00 per session;  Mastermind members get Success Coaching for $150.00 per session as needed)

Your Investment  
     The investment for you is only $250 per month.  If you are a motivated, passionate, open-minded, success-oriented fitness entrepreneur that is ready to go on a journey and be led down avenues that are going to accelerate your career Big-Time, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

"Trust me when I say it, this is an invitation to my inner circle and for me to share my tips of what it takes to get ahead in the fitness industry.  You will receive thousands of dollars worth of information per month and that can mean huge differences for your business and career."-Todd Durkin

Click Here to apply for this Select Group!!
     If at any time, you don't think the value is worth it, you simply let me know and you are released from the group.  No contracts, no memberships, just pure VALUE. 
     This is a great way to CONNECT with Todd and his associates and receive coaching for a nominal fee.  Normally, a coaching session with Todd costs $250 per 1-1 session.  You now receive Todd and this group for $250 per month in many different ways (Google group, Teleseminar, Live meetings, etc.).  You simply can't go wrong, as you will constantly be filled with information, knowledge, experience, and affirmation.

Do you want to be part of Todd Durkin's Mastermind Group specifically designed for health & fitness professionals?
Are you ready to accelerate your business and quality of life?
     If the answer is YES, fill out an application on the website TODAY. We are only accepting a limited number of people so sign up today. 

     He will be extremely selective in who joins the group, which will purposely be kept small in numbers, as we only want the top 5% of entrepreneurs in the fitness industry, and you must be in the mindset of getting to the next level.  This is an extremely exciting opportunity for you to reach new levels in your professional careers.  Don't be sitting on the sidelines wishing you were part of this group!
     If you have any questions, please e-mail Todd directly at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and he will make sure your questions are answered as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
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