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The following question was answered by Doug Balzarini, BS, CSCS, ACE-certified personal trainer at Fitness Quest 10.

I sit at a desk all day, how can I infuse fitness into my work day?
Here are 8 quick tips to get the “juices flowing” at the office.

1. Self massage: especially on the tight muscles of your neck and shoulders

2. Stretch: stand up and stretch your legs, back, forearms and hands

3. Strength Exercises: perform a set of pushups and dips on your desk

4. Cardio Break: leave your cubicle and walk around the building for some fresh air

5. Delivery: walk to someone’s office instead of sending an email or phone call

6. Water: every time you get water, use the furthest fountain to fill up

7. Restroom break: next time you have to “go”, use the restroom on a different floor

8. Breathe: sometimes all it takes is a few deep, relaxing breathes to rejuvenate yourself.
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