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Finding the Right Gym For You

The following question was answered by Doug Balzarini, BS, CSCS, ACE-certified personal trainer at Fitness Quest 10.

I just moved to the area, how do I choose a gym that’s right for me?
I have come up with 8 tips to help you in your gym choice.

1. Location: find a gym that is convenient for you; either close to work or home.

2. Hours: depending on when you exercise, confirm the gym is open at that time.

3. Members: take a tour during the actual hours you will typically exercise to get a good feel of the members (younger, older, athletes, etc) and how busy it is at that time.

4. Staff: if working with a personal trainer, make sure they are educated, experienced, and certified.

5. Cleanliness: during your tour check machines, bathrooms, towels, etc for cleanliness.

6. Equipment: check to see that machines are clean and operating. Dust build-up, rust, frayed cables are all signs of neglect.

7. Classes: get a class schedule and ask if you can try out a class that you might enjoy.

8. Fees: of course fitting exercise into your budget is paramount. Shop around to find a gym that you can afford.

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