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Client Spotlight: Jim Carbaugh Wins More Than Just A Bike Ride (written by Patrick Jak)

     We never know how we will perform in the face of adversity. Will we struggle? Survive? A very special client of Fitness Quest 10 has shown all of us what it is like to be faced with a tremendous challenge, meet it head on, and not just overcome it, but leave it in the dust.

     Last year Jim Carbaugh found himself at a crossroads.  He was laid off from his job. His wife passed away from a battle with breast cancer.  A father of three, he found himself on a park bench gazing out over the San Diego Bay wondering how he would go on, taking assessment of his own health.  Realizing he had the business card of a bike shop owner in his wallet, he took action.  One phone call later, he was the owner of a new bike and took a leap into a journey that has touched hundreds of people’s lives.

     After spending a few months cycling around San Diego County (with a picture of his wife on a lanyard around his neck), he entered an unusual contest sponsored by XX Sports Radio in San Diego (105.7FM/1090AM).  He was selected to be one of twenty riders vying for a free spot in the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge (QMDC).  The QMDC ride is a 6-day bike ride from San Francisco to San Diego in which participants each are required to raise $10,000 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing athletic opportunities to physically challenged individuals. 

      The contest had the group train together each week in preparation for the long ride to come.  At the end of each week, riders would vote on who stayed and who was eliminated.  The last rider would be given the free spot on the ride down the coast.

      As the weeks wore on, it became tougher and tougher to eliminate riders.  They all grew close and became friends, and they all had their own amazing stories of overcoming challenges.  They all endured miles upon miles in heat waves and up and down mountains. But it was Jim’s compassion for everyone on the ride, his support of CAF, his acceptance of challenge and determination to overcome that made him the overall winner.  He became a symbol of effort and integrity for everyone.

     Jim took the contest seriously, attending every training ride and taking the time to ride with the challenged athletes themselves.  His own motivation brought him to Fitness Quest 10 for some personal training sessions. He started seeing immediate changes. He lost weight and gained strength, along with a whole new outlook on health and fitness. “I’ve always just kind of done 'stuff',” says Jim.  “But now I know that there is so much more.  And I can do things now I never could really do before. The training, massage and education I have gotten has helped me put into perspective what I need to do for my own health and what these challenged athletes have and how they have been truly inspiring to me.”

      Congratulations to Jim for winning the XX SportsRadio/QMDC contest. Congratulations for persevering.  For caring about the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  For overcoming challenge yourself and for being a beacon of light to everyone.  Jim, your effort has been inspiring every mile of the way.

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