High School Summer Football Training - Fitness Quest 10

Football Summer Training Program 2017 at Fitness Quest 10

Football Summer Training Program at FQ10

High School Football Summer Training Program!



Program Details:

  • Begins: Monday, June 19th
  • Ends: Friday, July 14th
  • This will be a 5-day per week program:
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be “strength & conditioning” days in the weight-room (Fitness Quest 10). — Tuesday and Thursday will be “speed & conditioning” days (Field Days; 7 pm for ALL).
  • $179 for the entire program (No prorates. You are either all-in or you are not.)

Weight Room Times: (Sessions approximately 75-minutes long – M/W/F)

  • Varsity: 1 pm
  • JV: 2:30 pm
  • Freshmen: 7:00 pm

Because of logistics/space/quality, it’s important we stick to the correct “group” you get assigned to.

For clarity sake, because you are in the “JV” group, does NOT mean you will not be a Varsity player. It’s simply how we are organizing the groups based on grade/age/level to maximize the quality of the program and because of space restrictions. JV & Varsity players will be receiving equal instruction/coaching/attention.

For further questions, please call 858-271-1171

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