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Fitness Quest 10 First Impressions | Editor’s Note 02

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Now that you know how I went from a floor to FQ10 (how about that for a first impression?), I figured it’s high time I share my first impressions of our facility. As I mentioned in my last editor’s note, I come from a career in full-time fitness management. After overseeing two clubs and serving at several others — and now being exposed to the FQ10 culture — it’s safe to say I did a lot right… and a lot wrong.

So, how does FQ10 stack up? Here are a few of the things that immediately stuck out to me most:

What’s in a name?

Everything. FQ10 has won the name game and there is no close second. When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by name. When you leave, “Have a good day, Clay!” echoes through the doorway.

Despite hundreds of guests, clients, and campers popping in and out daily, the entire team manages to know and use your name. There’s something truly special about that… and I’m starting to think it’s a key ingredient to the secret sauce of FQ10 culture. PS: It goes far beyond names; I’ve already learned everything from pet’s favorite foods (we couldn’t stop at pet’s names) to entire life stories! 

Client-Centric Community:

From Directors of First Impressions dropping names like second nature to Client of the Month recognition and handwritten birthday cards, I’ve never seen an organization so intent on honoring its members.

Believe it or not, whether it’s a big box gym, a cozy community center, or competitors down the street, most facilities do not do things like this (I wish I’d thought of these things at mine!). Client of the Month is unheard of. Perfect 10? Forget about it. Durkin Dollars? Excuse me? This is something that truly sets Fitness Quest 10 apart from the pack.

Extraordinary Effort Is Evident:

It’s safe to say we get the most out of the team and we’re only able to do so because we’ve managed to hire passionate people who are invested in YOU. Directors of First Impressions (I love that title, by the way) aren’t just running the front desk; they’re planning events, assisting with marketing, crunching numbers, and much, much more… The same goes for our trainers, instructors, and Leadership Team.

You’d expect a facility with the accolades and attention we’ve received to be operating with a massive staff and unlimited budget, instead, we stay lean by attracting top talent and bringing on people who are willing to give extraordinary effort in all areas of the organization.  

All in all, it’s been a heckuva first impression, FQ10’ers!

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