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6 “Roars” to a Joyful Marriage

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6 “Roars” to a Joyful Marriage by Jesse Dietrick


“What does that mean, Jesse?”

Let me tell you.

When lions hunt, they surround their prey. They put the females, who do the killing, behind the prey. The male stands in front and lets out a big, “ROOOAAAARRR.”

Obviously, the prey runs away from the roar but falls directly into the trap of the female lions and is killed.

Relationships can be the same. Let me show you how:

Sometimes one spouse will hear a roar… and it scares him or her. It may be something as little as watching a movie with their significant other when you just want to watch the football game. She’s roaring at you (maybe not literally, I should say “implying”) to watch the movie, which you know you should because you watch football every weekend, but a little bit of selfishness gets in the way and you neglect watching the movie. She may hold a grudge that can get bigger and BIGGER the more you neglect doing things such as this with her. Finally, she ends up getting in a fight with you… much like the prey running into the female lions.

If the prey ran towards the roar he would have had a much greater chance of survival rather than running away from it. Relationships are not much different. Sometimes doing the thing that we may not want to do really has its own rewards down the road.

Now, I am no relationship expert (who really is these days?) but I have noticed certain “communication skills” from the couples I train and running towards these “roars” can be beneficial towards helping relationships thrive.

Through this series, I am going to outline six communication keys (or “roars”) that I have learned through training couples at Fitness Quest 10.

All of the couples that I have training are different in their own way, but these VITAL six traits are forms of communication that have helped the marriages I know THRIVE.

6 Keys to a Joyful Marriage through Fitness (Pt. 1): Learning to Serve and Accept Service

One of the biggest killers of relationships is selfishness. Ask yourself, “how can I make my partner happy today?” It could be making them their favorite dinner for no good reason. It could be surprising them at work. It could be canceling plans you had for the night out if you can tell that they had a long week and would just enjoy a night in.

Really, what I have learned from my special clients at Fitness Quest 10 is, “serve them the way they want to be served.”

Many of my clients learn how to do this through exercise. They help each other lift weights. They refill each other’s water bottle. They help each other push through an exercise. They encourage each other. These are skills that are also needed outside of the gym and it transfers over very fast. They can just tell by each other’s body language what they need.

On the flip side of that, couples who already serve a lot need to learn how to accept service. A lot of times we are so busy just trying to make the other person happy we neglect accepting our spouses act of serving us! Remember, they need to serve just as much as we do as it makes them feel good, and it should make us feel good too.


Find one way, whether it is big or small, to SERVE and ACCEPT service from your significant other every day.

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